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October 23, 2017

Three Things I Did This Year for Growth

Hi guys!  So this year has been absolutely unbelievable in regards to business and personal growth.  Today I’m sharing 3 things I’ve done this year to not only make myself a better business owner and photographer, but also a better, happier person.


This year I started listening to podcasts on my way home from my 9-5.  The two that have been instrumental in my life are Jenna Kutcher’s GoalDigger Podcast and This Week in Weddings by Kimberly Rhodes and Annie Roche.


Both of these podcasts have been so therapeutic for me.  I’ve looked up to Jenna Kutcher for her amazing social media marketing and her unapologetic view of herself.  She is so open about her journey to where she is now, and it’s so refreshing to hear how she and her guests have maneuvered through some of their biggest struggles in life and in business.  As a mom, wife, and small business owner who’s also still working a 9-5, I’ve really appreciated the candid conversations that have reassured me that maybe I’m not crazy.  Maybe, just maybe, the path I walk has been walked before, and the reward at the end will make all the work worth it.  And maybe I can give myself a little grace now and then.

This Week in Weddings is a fairly new one to me, but it’s made the BIGGEST impact on my life.  The episode with Dane Sanders on “Getting Out of Your Own Way” seriously changed my life and outlook on pretty much everything.  It really applies to everyone, not just wedding professionals.  Go listen to it.  Like right now.



One of my biggest goals for this year was to absorb all of the education I possibly could.  I attended workshops and signed up for online courses taught by wedding photographers who are walking the walk and talking the talk.  This has been HUGE for me!  I’ve met some amazing photographers from all over the country, and have really honed in on what I want my business to look like.  I highly, HIGHLY recommend investing in yourself and your education if you’re interested in pursuing something.  So far this year, I’ve attended two workshops (Justin and Mary’s Walk Through a Wedding and La Reverie Workshop by Grey Door Photography and Laylee Emadi Photography) taught by photographers I’ve really admired and walked away feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to get to work.  Oh, and the images from those weren’t too shabby either!



I was so fortunate this year to be able to work with a photographer who I really admire.  Second shooting for her has taught me so much about business and client experience.  It’s been so pivotal and inspirational for me to work closely with someone who has the career I’m striving for, and I cannot possibly put into words how incredibly grateful I am that she has allowed me to assist her and pick her brain.  She’s made me push myself to be a better photographer and has opened up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities.  Finding mentors, whether they use the word “mentor” or not, is absolutely invaluable.  Navigating any new endeavor is hard, but having other people around you who have been where you are is so crucial to enjoying the journey.

My hope is that this post will inspire you to be proactive about following your dreams and to find opportunities for growth in everything you do!


Catie Ann


La Reverie Workshop Vendors

Venue: @thewhitesparrow
Planner: @eventsbyjade
Rentals: @beautifuleventrentals
Paper Goods: @sarahann_design
Florals: @rootandbloom
Hair + Make Up: @bbwellingtonartistry
Gowns: @lovelybride
Shoes: @bellabelleshoes
Jewelry: @kendrascott
Linens: @amlinenrental
Cake: @butterflycakebakery
Cotton Candy: @thecottonsmith
Gift box: @lovedandfoundbox
Workshop: @lareverieworkshop
Hosts: @graydoorphotography @laylee_emadi_photography
Models- @graceannphotography @therealnateballman

Hair + Make Up: @alexmchairandmakeup
Models: @hannahbentele


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