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July 25, 2017

Planning Your Bridal Portrait Session

It’s that time of year!  The time between the hustle and bustle of spring and fall weddings, and the time when many brides are looking to start planning their bridal sessions!  You’ve probably spent so much time planning your actual wedding day that it might seem overwhelming to have to think about planning a bridal portrait session, as well!  Well, have no fear!  I’ve compiled some tips to hopefully help you out!

Once you have your dress back from alterations (or if you know when you’ll have it back), it’s time to plan!  First, think about where you want your portraits taken!  If your wedding venue is your preferred location, contact them first!  Many times, a portrait session is included with your wedding day package.  However, more often than not, wedding venues have specific days and times that they will allow a portrait session.  Usually, it’s not on a Saturday because of other possible events going on that day.  So just be aware that if weekends are the absolute only time you have available, you may want to have a backup plan!

If you’re open to other locations (i.e. parks, college campuses, etc.), then contact your photographer to check their availability.  They may have location suggestions of their own!

Bridal portrait sessions are a great time to schedule a hair, makeup, and bridal bouquet run-through.  Make sure those vendors are also available for the date you’ve scheduled.  I know it may seem like a lot of phone calls and emails, so consider sending out one email with all applicable vendors copied.  This will keep everyone in the loop!  Some vendors may not be receptive to this idea, but I actually love having communication between vendors so that your session is absolutely perfect!

The night before your session, make sure to get together everything you’re going to need so there’s less stress on the day of your portraits.  Items you won’t want to forget are your dress (duh!), veil, shoes, and jewelry.  Make sure to clean your ring, so it shines bright like a diamond (Rihanna anyone?).

On the day of your session, enjoy all the pampering that comes with getting your hair and makeup done!  And feel free to bring along your mom or maid-of-honor to help you into your dress (it’s good practice for the big day)!


I hope this was helpful, and that planning your bridal portrait session seems a little less daunting!


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