The Springs Alvarado Wedding | Cassie & Chad

Cassie and Chad’s wedding at The Springs Alvarado was one for the record books! I remember Chad telling me during our final meeting that I’d come out of their wedding day with a whole new bunch of stories, and he was not lying!

One of my favorite things about Cassie and Chad is their fun-loving, relaxed personalities. This trait has undoubtedly attracted the most amazing group of friends, and the support surrounding the two is undeniable. I cannot think of another wedding where the guests cheered as the groom walked down the aisle. So much good energy on this wedding day!

One of my favorite mind-blowing moments on the wedding day was their exit. Many, MANY couples do a sparkler exit (which I love because it photographs so beautifully), BUT not many couples end that sparkler exit in front of a vintage car complete with sparkler fountains! I know I wasn’t the only one screaming my lungs out when those fountains started up! EPIC!


  1. Rhonda kiser says:

    Just Beautiful!

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