The Top 5 Engagement Session Locations in Dallas

Engagement season is upon us, which means you’re probably already thinking about your engagement session (as you should be!).  One of the most frequently asked questions regarding engagement sessions is “What’s the best location?”.  It truly depends on what vibe you want in your session!  Below are a few of my favorite spots in Dallas that fit a variety of different styles and aesthetics!

  • Dallas Arboretum – The Arboretum has some of the most beautiful gardens in the entire DFW metroplex, and the amazing thing is that they are ALWAYS changing!  My favorite times to photograph at the Arboretum are in the spring and fall.  In March/April, the Arboretum has a gorgeous display of tulips and bright florals.  In the fall, their pumpkin display is second to none!  Even if you don’t necessarily want a seasonally themed session, there are plenty of locations throughout the Arboretum that remain constant year-round!  The one major thing to note is that they close at 5pm, so depending on the time of year, it may be better to shoot there in the morning when the light is a little softer.
  • Winfrey Point – Located adjacent to the Dallas Arboretum on White Rock Lake is Winfrey Point.  If you want a more nature-y vibe within the city, this is a great option!  I love being able to have the lake in the background (on a clear day, you can even see the Dallas skyline!), but there are so many great spots and the light here is AMAZING!!!  Plus, this tree is basically life!
  • Arbor Hills Nature Preserve – Located in Plano, Arbor Hills is a popular spot for photographers, hikers, and families.  The sprawling acreage makes for an abundance of great portrait locations!  Not all locations require a hike, though!  Many of the best spots are right at the entrance or within a 5 minute walk within the preserve.  The sun here around sunset is absolutely breathtaking!
  • Trinity Groves – Located on the southwest side of Dallas across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is Trinity Groves.  It’s a super eclectic new development full of restaurants that’s really accessible for skyline images and urban vibes.  I love starting on the retail side of Trinity Groves to capture the murals and urban atmosphere, and then wandering over to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to grab some city views.  There is also a large green space if you want to incorporate more nature vibes into your city atmosphere!
  • SMU Campus – SMU has the most beautiful campus, and is easily the best kept secret for engagement and bridal sessions alike!  My favorite location on campus is the tree-lined median, but really, any of the beautiful brick buildings are sure to give your portrait session a classic and traditional vibe!

So there it is!  My top 5 favorite places for engagement sessions in Dallas!  It was really hard to narrow it down to five as there are SO MANY great spots throughout the metroplex!  But these five have never disappointed me!  I hope this helps as you try to plan your own engagement session!


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