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May 30, 2017

Anna + Kevin’s Engagement Session

This past weekend, I met up with Anna and Kevin at Adriatica in McKinney for their engagement session.  Guys.  It was so gorgeous!  The weather had been hit or miss as of late, but it was absolutely perfect for their session.

Anna and Kevin have such an amazing chemistry.  They truly seem like the yin to each other’s yang.  They really are a blast to be around and I think we may have spent more time laughing than actually taking pictures.

Their love story is one for the ages.  They met while working at Chuck E. Cheese, but their relationship really blossomed once Kevin got deployed.  To stay in communication, they would send each other letters.  My old-fashioned heart just skips a beat when I think of how romantic that is!

When Kevin decided that Anna was the one woman in the world for him, it actually took a year of planning to execute the perfect proposal.  Over the course of that year, Kevin got virtually everyone close to Anna on board.  It’s completely amazing to me that no one accidentally spilled the beans!  There were multiple almost proposals, but Anna kept getting suspicious!  Can’t have that!  One night in November 2016 (the 12th to be exact), Kevin brought family together for a special dinner to celebrate a work accomplishment.  Little did Anna know the real reason everyone was there was for the proposal.  Kevin had created a “Book of Us” that documented their relationship up to that point (complete with very accurately drawn stick figures) and the last page showed him proposing (and her saying “YES!” of course!).

The first time Kevin told me the story, I got chills!  I love how over-the-top and detailed he was with everything!  These two are seriously the most fun to be around and I just know their life together will be filled with fun, laughter, and lots of love!

These two lovebirds will be married January 13, 2018 and I simply cannot wait to be a part of their Day 1 of Happily Ever After!!!



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