Behind the Camera

Catie Ann

In 2010, I was 4 years out of college with no direction, but with an overwhelming desire to pursue passion over convention. It's with that passion that I decided to enroll in culinary school with an emphasis in pastry arts. On the very first day, I met my future husband! I opened my bakery in December of 2010, and that led me into the wedding industry. I knew from the moment I made my first wedding cake that the wedding industry was where I was meant to be.

I grew up with a photographer father and have the best memories of developing film in a bathroom that my dad converted into a darkroom. My love for photography never faltered, so when I decided to hang up my chef coat, I immediately picked up a camera and haven't looked back since! 

Hello There!

cake snob, wine lover, and unapologetic dog (and human) mom

my favorite things

I believe photos mean different things to people at different points in their life.  

I believe that beautiful portraits are great, but capturing raw, emotional moments is greater.


i believe photos don't belong on your phone.  they belong on your walls, in your wallet, and taped to your mirror.

i believe photography is the way to bridge the gap between past and future generations.