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I am so excited for you in this wonderful season of life!  The process of transitioning from a Ms. to a Mrs. is such a beautiful journey, and it would be an absolute honor to be the one to go down that path with y'all! 

I like to describe my photographic style as traditionally modern.  Totally an oxymoron, I know, but I feel like my style lends itself to be quite classic, but also really bright and fresh.  I grew up using film as a medium, so I tend to document and process images with a film aesthetic.  I love a mixture of guided posing and candid images that truly capture the pretty (and real) moments of the day.  There are times throughout the wedding day where I will help create the most flattering images for you, but there are other times where you won't even know I am there.

I truly love being able to document a couple's unique story and relationship, and I would absolutely LOVE to hear all about you, your journey, and your vision!

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Just like there is only one YOU, every photographer is a little different, also.  We all have different styles.  I tend to photograph bright, clean imagery with a focus on details and moments.  If that is totally your jam, reach out to get the process started.

I take a limited number of weddings each year so every bride is given the attention they deserve.

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The Experience

After you reach out, we'll set up a time to chat (usually at a local cafe, but Skype is totally cool, too).  I really love these consultations because it lets me get to know you and see just how we'd fit together!

After the consultation, I'll send you a proposal.  If you're totally on board, a retainer and signed contract will secure your date and make you an official Catie Ann Bride!!

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The Experience

Now the fun REALLY begins!  Engagement sessions are one of my favorite parts of the entire wedding experience!  I love getting to know more about a couple, see how they interact, and watch as they get more and more comfortable in front of the camera!

Many couples think they look awkward when it comes to getting portraits done, but it's my job to make you feel comfortable and confident!  I promise you'll love the outcome!!

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The Experience

Because gorgeous photos are super dependent on lighting, I love being involved in timeline creation.  I can help you decide the best time of day for your ceremony, if a first look really is a good option, and help ease the stress of worrying about timing.  After being a part of close to 100 weddings, I can offer recommendations so your wedding day is as stress-free and fun as possible!

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The Experience

The big day is finally here, and I am so excited to celebrate with you!  On your wedding day, my goal is for you to relax and enjoy the most amazing day you've spent so long planning.  Today is all about you, so it's my goal to to make sure you are well taken care of!  

I'll show up with a smile on my face, ready to bond with your girls, and walk with you through the beautiful journey of Ms. to Mrs.

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The Experience

Three to four weeks after your wedding is gallery delivery day!  I'll send you a gallery link with all high-resolution images ready for you to share, print, and download.  

Though you are able to get prints through your gallery, you do not have to order directly from me.  I truly believe that images should be displayed in the home instead of on a device, so even if you decide to get prints elsewhere, I'd be happy to give you lab recommendations so they turn out perfect!

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The Experience

Albums are such an important part of the wedding process.  I think of albums as an heirloom for generations to enjoy, and will have an album proof ready for you about a week after gallery delivery.

After we've customized your album to perfection, I'll get your album ordered and it will be on your coffee table in no time!

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The Experience

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