Harwood District Engagement | Lizzie + Michael

A few weeks back, I met up with Lizzie and Michael for their Harwood District Engagement session!  As we progressed through the session, I was so blown away by Michael’s doting on Lizzie!  Seriously, guys….you need to step up your game!  Michael is making all other guys look bad by how affectionate and sweet he is towards Lizzie!  They had such a fun energy that it really was just like hanging out with some friends and, you know, maybe taking a picture or two!  We chatted a lot about movies, and I even got asked (by Michael) to rank “the Chris’s”.  We’re BIG superhero movie people in my household, so I knew exactly who he was talking about!  He was real quick to offer up his rankings, also!  (BTW, mine are 1. Evans, 2. Pratt, 3. Hemsworth, 4. Pine).  By the end of the session, I really felt like I knew who they were as a couple, and am SO FREAKING EXCITED for their wedding later this year!  I’m so glad I get to share their engagement session with all of you!



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