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April 2, 2017

Katie + Ryan’s Engagement Session

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting Katie and Ryan’s engagement session in downtown McKinney.  Working with these two made me so very happy!  Sometimes a couple takes a bit to warm up to having a camera in their face, but these two had their game faces on from the start!  Their chemistry was undeniable, and they were all about having a good time (I was just along for the ride!!)!  This type of energy makes my job so easy!  I absolutely fell in love with their fun-loving personalities!  At one point, Katie said “Oh! We have got to do a booty pop picture!!  My mom would LOVE that!”.  So not only did I know, without a doubt, that this was my kind of couple, but any mom who loves a “booty pop picture” is a mom I need to know!

One thing I always enjoy hearing about is how a couple gets engaged, and I absolutely love hearing it from the groom’s perspective because it really showcases how much thought they put into it.  So many times, grooms have a certain plan, but that idea gets derailed.  Ryan had originally planned on proposing on their anniversary (how romantic, huh?), but that idea lost a bit of steam when Katie mentioned how cheesy that would be (not knowing this was his plan, of course!).  So, on to the next best thing….a New Year’s pajama party with friends, complete with adult onesies (wouldn’t be a pajama party without the onesies!)!  How fun, huh?  Clearly I’m doing something wrong in my life since I have not once been to an adult pajama party.  Must change this, stat.




These two will be married on November 11, 2017.  If their engagement session is any indication of what their wedding will be like, I anticipate it being one of the most fun celebrations I’ve experienced!  Congrats, Katie and Ryan!  I cannot wait to celebrate with you!






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